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What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Sitter

Leaving your darling companion home while traveling or at work is tough enough. If you have long commutes or tight schedules, or even an animal that is suffering separation anxiety, a professional pet sitter is a good solution. A good pet sitter will ensure your pet’s happiness and health. However, with the vast number of pet sitters, selecting the best is difficult. You need to research to find a good pet sitter. This page highlights some vital factors of consideration in selecting a pet sitter.

Get first-hand recommendations. You know many pet owners, making it easier to find reliable leads for pet sitters. You should talk to other pet owners to know if they have ever worked with a pet sitter. If yes, ask which pet sitter they worked with and if they were content with their services. How friendly is the pet sitter to the animal and its owners? How reasonable and upfront are their prices? Are they trustworthy around the house? You should ask many questions to help you create a directory of potential pet sitters. However, you should examine the list of pet sitters you get to find the best.

Make sure the pet sitter is licensed and insured. Before settling for a pet sitter, ask for proof of a current license and insurance. A valid license shows that the pet sitter has passed the examinations authorities oblige for those seeking to enter the pet sitting field. It also means that the pet sitter takes continuous training to be abreast with the most excellent practices in pet sitting. Besides, you will get a list of misconducts the pet sitter has ever engaged in earlier. On the contrary, insurance is very vital when you’re leaving your pet with a third party. Insurance will protect you if your dog bites third parties.

You should interview potential pet sitters. You should take some time to talk to different pet sitters via phone or video chat. Make sure you have a long conversation in order to have a good sense of a pet sitter’s character and personality. First of all, ask how long a pet sitter has been in business, if they have experience sitting your pet’s species, and what his/her backup plan is in the event they are unable to come to your house. Also, ask about fees – there is no point in settling for a pet sitter whose services you cannot afford. Moreover, ask about the services a pet sitter offers – the longer the list, the better.

Make sure you meet the pet sitter. Before you book a date with a pet sitter, hold a meeting. This way, you’ll know the pet sitter better, observe how he/she interacts with your pet, and flesh out exceptional instructions. You may even ask a pet sitter to perform a trivial walk in order to see if they will handle your animal well. If the pet sitter does not impress you during your first meeting, there is no basis for selecting them. By using these elements, you’ll easily find a good pet sitter.

Tips for The Average Joe

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